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Hunting Packages in Alaska

Alaska represents one of our last frontiers for hunting multiple game species. The hunting seasons provide for bow hutting, rifle and black powder hunting as well as use of pistols. There are many many outfitters and guides in Alaska who practice their trade in many different areas of the state. The choices can be mind boggling.

I have carefully chosen several reliable outfitters who will provide you excellent hunts. We offer caribou, moose, black bear, Brown Bear , Sheep and Goat hunts. In Alaska one may use either bow, rifle, crossbow and pistol during the various hunting seasons.

Herewith I am highlighting several outstanding hunts in detail for the 2011 season:


Hunt the Porcupine (70,000 animals), Central Arctic (60,000 animals) and the Western Arctic Herds (500,000 animals) on the Alaskan North Slope. Over 100% success-this is a two caribou area and trophy class  bulls are obtainable! Huge 80,000 square mile area.

We can also do Grizzly hunts and combo Grizzly and Caribou hunts from this area. too. Hunters fly to Deadhorse, AK. by Alaska airlines and then bush plane to camp.

Photos from Camp



MOOSE I use several well known outfitters for moose hunting, please call for details.

Brown bearand grizzly, sheep - several well known outfitters call for details.