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Canadian hunting

Canada is a huge country with a great variation in terrain among its many provinces. The animal population is varied as well, with numerous species.

We can arrange canadian hunting packages for:

  • Moose: Eastern, Western, Shiras and Alaska Yukon.
  • Caribou include Central Barren Ground, Ouebec/Labrador, Mountain and Woodland.
  • Deer are Whitetail, Mule and Elk.
  • Sheep include Dall, Stone, Big Horn and California Big Horn.
  • Mountain Goat (are numerous). 
  • Black Bear and Grizzly (available in good numbers).
  • Musk Ox are still hunted in the far North. 
  • Exciting hunts for big pronghorn can be had!
  • Unfortunately, Polar Bear may no longer be imported into the US. 

The species you wish to hunt determines the province you hunt in. Each province has its own licensing and tag procedures.  You may bow hunt all species in each province. Proper forms for gun importation into Canada must be obtained. No permit are needed for bows.

I represent very good outfitters in each province. Please call and tell me what you are interested in and I will give you pricing.