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Impala hunting in South Africa

General Characteristics of the Impala

Impalas range between 75 and 92 centimetres tall. Average mass for a male Impala is approximately 46 to 76 kilograms while females weigh approximately 37 to 50 kilograms. They are reddish-brown in color (hence the Afrikaans name of "Rooibok"), have lighter flanks and white underbellies with a characteristic "M" marking on its rear. Males, referred to as rams, have lyre-shaped horns which can reach up to 90 centimeters in length. Females, referred to as ewes, have no horns.

We offer many hunting packages for the Impala please see below for more info on available hunts.

NEK Safaris offers hunting packages for the Impala - you may view their page for trophy fees and hunting costs.

NZBT Safaris in Zimbabwe also offer packages for the Impala.

  See our trophy room for more great photos from our hunters.