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What you should know before traveling out of the country

Many things go through your mind when developing a website. Have you told enough or too much? What we try to tell here is the truth.

I believe a good hunting consultant should at least have a philosophy and a mission. My philosophy is that I should teach what I know about 40 years of hunting with a bow worldwide so as to make your adventure more rewarding, comfortable and less costly. My mission is to simply provide you with the best possible hunt at the lowest possible price, never sacrificing quality.

Here are some of the more common questions clients ask:

Travel Documents: Passports are now mandatory in all countries including Canada and Mexico. You may also need a visa, depending on the country you visit. Sometimes you need to work on this in advance of your trip, other times it is a document simply filled out upon your arrival in the visited country. Always follow the rules and laws of the country you visit. We have a very liberal society here in the US. This is not always the case in foreign countries.

South Africa Gun Permit - You may open the Gun Permit and print it from our web site.

Injections: Do I need a bunch of painful injections to go to Africa? The answer is no most of the time. They are not painful in any case. Just be up to date on your normal immunizations. Consult your physician and/or the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta for up to date information about the country you intend to visit. The same applies for Malaria prevention.

What about new gun laws in Canada? If you are a Canadian or US Citizen please call 1-800-731-4000. This is the Canadian Firearms Center. They will help you with obtaining the proper forms. The firearms declaration costs $50 Canadian no matter how many guns you bring into Canada. You may no longer import a gun without this permit. Pistols are absolutely forbidden in Canada. You do not need a permit to import a bow.

What about gun laws in UK, Holland and Africa? If you fly to London with firearms and land at Heathrow, but must transfer to Gatwick Airport your firearms will not follow unless they are "in bond". A special person or service must handle them, otherwise they may be confiscated. If you fly to Amsterdam you may experience similar problems. You must carefully check this before you leave the US. South Africa has recently revised their documents for temporary importation of firearms in country. It is a lengthy document and must be filled out beforehand but not signed until you meet directly with the officials. It may take a while and it is better to hire one of the local services who handle this situation expertly. The same forms apply if you are "in transit" in Johannesburg, going on to another African country. You will need to have a service hand deliver your firearms to the plane as there are no provisions in South Africa for holding or storing firearms. Please contact me or your travel agent about the details.

Travel Agents: It is important to have a travel agent familiar with hunters and the off beat places they travel. These agents should be up to date on the latest information about carrying weapons and ammunition aboard commercial airliners - US and foreign. These type agents will save you time, money and headaches. I can refer you to the proper people if you so desire.

Update on Prices: We will periodically update any price changes for cost of hunts or trophy and license fees. Physical Condition and Health: Know the physical requirements of the hunt you are undertaking. The better physical condition you are in the better the result of the hunt usually applies. If you have any medical problems, take medication or need a special diet please consult your physician for approval before embarking on your trip. Please also notify your booking agent and outfitter too. Don't make them the last to know!

Now, having said all the above, go out and have a good time hunting, fishing or whatever it is you like to do in this great outdoors. Life is really too short.

Good hunting and good luck,

Chuck Leidheiser, President WorldClass Safaris, Inc.