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Kudu hunting in South Africa

Many of our outfitters offer packages to hunt the Greater Kudu in South Africa.  For more info on these packages please see:

NEK Safaris - this outfitter is offering a special hunting package  which includes a Kudu

NZBT Safaris in Zimbabwe also offer hunts for the Greater Kudu

General Characteristics of the Kudu

kudu The short, smooth coat varies in general colour from tan-grey to bluish grey in colour.  There are numerous white markings, including 6-10 vertical stripes along the sides, a chevron between the eyes, and cheek spots.  On the neck and shoulders is an erectile crest, while underneath a mane extends along the throat.  The black-tipped, bushy tail is white underneath, and there are black garters on the upper legs.  The ears of the greater kudu are large and round.  The spiralled horns are found only in males and have up to 3 full turns, diverging slightly as they slant back from the head. They can grow 100-140 cm / 40-56 inches long.

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Just a few photos of some of our successful kudu hunters, see our trophy room to see them all.

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