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New Zealand hunting

We are very pleased to be able to offer you a diversity of New Zealand hunting packages. All hunting is free ranging and fair chase, unless otherwise specified or requested. We strive to always take trophies on a best available basis. There are no extra fees with our free range hunting.

Hunters can expect to hunt silver to gold medal trophies. If you wish to upgrade the red stag to high silver or gold medal then we would recommend hunting in a preserve (fenced) area. However, there will be extra costs associated with the upgrade.

L.V.T Hunts - Located on South Island.  Hunt Red Stag on private ranch along with Wapiti and Fallow deer.  Red Stag from $1500 to $3500 for Silver Medal - fine specimens.  Hunt Chamois and Tahr from Wanaka camp.  Call for details.

SPH - This company specializes in free ranging, fair chase hunting for all trophies with a rifle or bow.   Hunt Red Stag, Chamois, Tahr and Fallow Deer.  In Australia hunt Chital, Java Russa Deer and giant Buffalo. Package hunts available call for pricing.

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HUNT PACKAGES 2013 – valid through to August 2013

New Zealand Hunts

Tahr & Chamois - March to August
US $7,995

Red Stag, Tahr & Chamois - March to August
US $9,995

Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Tahr, Chamois & Ram - March to August
US $11,995      

Red Stag, Fallow Buck, Sika Stag, Tahr, Chamois, Ram & Goat
US $14,995

New Zealand and Australia Combo: All South Pacific Trophies (New Zealand & Australia)
US $41,000

We have many hunting options available in New Zealand and Australia; and in combination. If your hunt is not listed in this publication then please contact us for information and a quotation.

Individual species hunts are quoted at $600 per day plus trophy fee. Trophy fee of $2500

We do not utilise helicopters for our tahr and chamois hunts except for transport to and from our camp. This by request only and the costs are extra to the hunt. Allow at least 1.5hrs $NZ 1750 per hr.